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Surgical Monitors

IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs a wide variety of surgical monitors to meet the medical imaging demands of hospitals. With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data. IntegriTech helps hospitals carve out the smallest details in high-resolution data. 

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Medical Recorders

IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs medical digital video recorders for hospitals to record and archive high-resolution video images that are integral for documenting surgical procedures for patient records.  

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Monitor Suspensions

IntegriTech distributes and installs versatile monitor suspensions for up to eight monitors. Designed for light and heavy loads, IntegriTech's monitor suspensions can support single monitors, multiple monitors, or large screen displays. 

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Surgical/Procedural Lamps

IntegriTech distributes and installs surgical and procedural lamps in operating rooms. IntegriTech's small and large surgical LED lamps produce precise illumination of the surgical field along with user flexibility.  

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X-Ray Protective Shields

IntegriTech distributes and installs X-ray protective shields that provide optimized protection and elaborate safety features. Rounded corners, edges, and shatter-proof construction minimize the risk of injury. 

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Ceiling Tracks, Columns, and Support Arms

Maximum safety and flexibility are provided through IntegriTech's ceiling tracks, columns, and support arms. Proven construction, the sturdy design, and numerous tests ensure the highest level of safety available. 

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Frustrated by your inability to quietly and effectively talk with your team during patient procedures? IntegriTech manufactures, distributes, and installs CareTalk - the medical industry standard for wireless communication. CareTalk is the most effective way to communicate in noisy labs, suites, and procedure rooms.  

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Content Management System

The simple and comprehensive way to manage your surgical video content. IntegriTech has partnered with Sony to provide a completely integrated system to manage your surgical workflow from the surgical suite. 

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